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House Concerts

When a welcoming host invites 10 or 20 friends to come together into their home for fellowship, goodies, and to listen attentively to 2 or 3 friends who have also come together to share their music  The Good, The True, and the Beautiful will also be in attendance. All artists need and love to share the fruits of their effort.  There’s an atmosphere of both intimacy and excitement at a house concert, especially when classical music is on offer. Call us biased, but for a small ensemble the house concert is perhaps the best of all settings. House concerts are a great way for musicians to road-test their repertoire technically in preparation for an audition or a “big gig”. Big house, little house, fancy house, humble house. It doesn’t matter, just make sure there’s a large tip jar for the artists!ervices offered and highlight any special benefits or features. Encourage site visitors to learn more by exploring the full list of services offered.


Commemorating milestones achieved, celebrations of life, family reunions, birthdays, and solemn vows are all events where live background music can lift a celebratory mood.


Indoors or on the patio, the Arcadian Duo/Trio can be perfect.


Note: we’re not a rock band. Hire them to play after 9pm.

Retirement Homes

With nearly 800 years of music to draw on and various instruments to demonstrate, The Arcadian Duo/Trio provide an engaging, and stimulating musical experience for the elderly. Lots of memories come back of their friends and family who played classical music or that they were performers themselves, back in the day.  Everyone seems to have something to share after our concerts. We can play gems from the golden age of musicals, the well-known melodies of the great composers, pop songs of their youth, and even ancient music with recorders, viola, and harpsichord or organ sounds that our keyboardist can create.

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